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Bhojan Bill Sahay Yojana

Assistance paying Meal Bills |gueedc – Bhojan Bill Sahay|gueedc food bill

Students receiving unemployment classes are not available in their respective talukas’ medical, dental, technical, paramedical, and academic systems, and students studying outside the taluka, who are studying outside of the government / grant-in-school hostel, will receive a monthly income of Rs.1500 / – for ten months.

Staying at any society’s, trust’s, or institution’s girls hostel. Girls in grades 9 through 12 are also eligible for the above-mentioned food aid.

Meal Bill Assistance Program Eligibilit|gueedc coaching scheme|gueedc technical help

  1. Non-reserved class undergraduate medical, dental, technical, and paramedical students will benefit.
  2. This scheme is beneficial to people who are studying in a dormitory away from their families.
  3. Those who do not have access to an educational system in their taluka and must study in a dormitory outside of the taluka are eligible for this benefit.
  4. Those who are not studying in a government or grant-aided hostel
  5. Studying in a females hostel run by any group, trust, or organisation from grades 9 to 12
  6. A non-reserved class certificate is required for students.
  7. The student must be a Gujarati citizen.

Limitation on earnings:

The family’s annual income limit will be Rs. 4.50 lakhs or less.

List Of Required Documents

  • Aadhaar card photocopy
  • Certificate of bin anamat
  • Income certification
  • Age verification (L.C. or birth certificate)
  • Proof of address
  • Proof that the hostel’s monthly meal bill is paid or receivable
  • Bonofide Certificate of Continuing Study for High School or College Students, Standard 12 or last year’s academic transcript
  • Proof that the hostel is maintained by a non-profit organisation
    a photocopy of the student’s bank statement

Date of Importance|bhojan bill sahay yojana 2021 last date

The deadline for applications is December 31, 2021.

Gujarat Non-Reserved Educational and Economic Development Corporation is the beneficiary of this scheme. Students who are eligible for this scheme will receive a food stipend of Rs. 1500/- each month for a period of ten months. A total of 15,000 students may be eligible for full tuition and housing aid.


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